I Have several HP,Konica Minolta,Ricoh and Toshiba MFP devices that I want
to distribute to users via iprint. The problem I've heard about, and I
don't want to get into the same situation is: iprint can d/l it's printer
drivers to the client(2000 and XP), but after its installed, the user (or
an admin) must go into the driver settings and specify that this device
has an envelope feed, extra trays, a finisher/sorter and the like. Is it
possible for these settings to be distributed WITH the driver just like a
Windows nt/200/2003 print server will do? BTW, I am aware that even
Windows servers cannot distribute these settings to pre-2000 clients. I
am not dealing with that here. I do not own iprint yet but I'm trying to
decide weather or not to purchase it. THis is a HUGE issue to me.