I am currently clustering iPrint - the databases reside on shared storage.
iPrint works great as a clustered resource, but occasionally ndpsm will not
unload properly. It says 'shutting down printer 8 of 29' and just stops -
i've left it at this point for over an hour and nothing ever happens. It
doesn't always do this, maybe 10% of the time that I migrate the resource.

My ndpsm load line uses the /dnsname, /dbvolume, and /notts switches - this
'freeze' happens with or without the /notts switch. it just helps speed up
the load process which is important in a clustered environment. I'm not
ruling out the hardware in this setup, it's some rather old equipment. When
I said 'freeze' earlier, I mean that it displays the shutting down message
and stops, I can still switch screens and users can still hit the server for
file services - once I was successful in getting to a new console screen and
stopping the NDPSGW.nlm. This caused the cluster resource to go comatose,
but that's a different story.

Netware 6.5 SP2
Netware 6.5 Post SP2 TCP Update
Netware 6.5 Post SP2 eDir Update
Netware 6.5 Post SP2 Apache2 Update
iPrint Consolidated Support Pack 11

any ideas?