The iprint.ini included with NIPP 4.05 has options to upgrade NDPS
printers and QMS (Queue-Based printers) printers. NDPS printer upgrades
work fine, but NIPP totally ignores queue based printers.

I have a queue: Test
a iPrint enabled NDPS printer: Printer1
a iPrint enabled NDPS printer: Printer2
Printer1 under QMS Support is configured to service Queue Test.

Queue Test is installed at the workstation (Win2kSP4).
Printer2 is installed as an NDPS printer.

iprint.ini is set:
UpgradeQMSPrinters = 1;
UpgradeNDPSPrinters = 1;

I upgraded NIPP and rebooted.
A box pops up and says that Printer2 is going to be upgraded. It
installs Printer2 as a iPrint printer (ipp://server/ipp/Printer2). Then
nothing. I rebooted multiple times and finally turned on iPrint trace
(iprntcfg trace).

I looked in the registry and under HKLM\Software\Novell-iPrint it created
a key called Upgrade and had value \\TREE\Test = "\\TREE

Looking at ippTrace.txt and searching for Test, shows weird errors
(invalid uri, this printer is not ours!, NO IPRINT SETTINGS).

What am I missing?

(Client: Both Admin and restricted users, Win2kSP4, Client 4.90.2, Zen
6.5, Netware 6.5SP2, iprint.ini settings from top-down 45, 1, DEFAULT, 1,
1, 1)