We have two iprint servers that support our campus-wide printer network.
On both servers, there are printers that will stop working properly on a
daily basis. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for it.

The agents that stop most frequently are for HP Laserjet 1300xi printers.
I also have a pooled configuration with HP 8150DN printers as well. Errors
that I see are-

Printer State: Error Printing

Gateway Other Problem: Gateway operation suspended until PA is shutdown
and restarted. Possible cause:
SNMP communication failed
And frequently when I try to shutdown/startup these agents, I get this

Exception saving printer control

NDPS Library Error: 700005h

In every case, there are print jobs in the queue that are just sitting
there. As soon as I restart the agents (when I can), things print off

Can anyone shed any light to this situation? I have no clue how to get
things working right on these printers. They are down far more often than
they are up. I routinely babysit them and check agents every few hours to
see what isn't working.