We are getting some new Xerox Copiers, and I will need to network them
through our NDPS/iPrint printing system. We are currently running
Netware 6.5 SP3 and Novell Zenworks 6.5 SP1a. Currently I use the
Novell NDPS Gateway for all my printers, as I've had some problems with
3rd party NDPS Gateways in the past. But I was wondering whether the
Xerox NDPS Gateway was stable or not, and what features it would give me
in my environment that the Novell NDPS Gateway wouldn't. We are
currently transitioning from NDPS to iPrint, and we use iManager 2.02 to
create our NDPS printer objects. Any opinions from anybody whose used
the Xerox NDPS Gateway would be appreciated. Thanks.