I'm trying to get contextless login to work and have ran into a problem
with UniqueID. All users are created with DirXML and the uniqueid field
isn't populated. I have changed AuthLDAPURL to search on cn but it
doesn't seem to work. I can change AuthLDAPURL to search on any other
LDAP attribute and it works. For example I change it to

AuthLDAPURL ldap://[ipaddress]:389/O=[organizationalunit]?mail?sub?
I can use the email address as the username and it works


AuthLDAPURL ldap://[ipaddress]:389/O=[organizationalunit]?uid?sub?
I can use the uniqueid as the username and it works

but if I use
AuthLDAPURL ldap://[ipaddress]:389/O=[organizationalunit]?cn?sub?
I can't use the cn as the username to login.

All cn in my tree are unique. Any ideas why this will not work. I don't
want to use the uniqueid field unless it is absolutely necessary.