I'm installing a NW6.5 SP3 cluster with two servers as two new servers in a
tree running NW5.1. Today all printers have QUEUES on SYS:-volume p the
NW5.1-box. Most printers are HP, but we also have Xerox copiers.

I've tried installing NDPS on the clustered drive (MSA1000) and it works
fine. But HP discontinues NDPS support and printer-drivers are difficult to

If installing printers using Webadmin and queues, I can point to my
clustered MSA-drive, but the print-server doesn't know it needs to log into
one of the two clustered servers (On other IP-addresses than the clustered
IP), so the queue is not serviced. If locating the queues-directory on the
SYS:-volume, printing will stop in case of fail-overs.

Currently we didn't plan on setting up an extra server just for
QUEUE-printing, but that could be an option.

Anyone any suggestions ?

Apart from the problem with the printers and their queues, approx. 200 PC's
have been installed manually and points to the old QUEUES-directory and
structure. Any ideas to how to port them to the clustered servers without
reinstalling anything ?

Hope you have ideas

Henrik Eriksen
heerx@pcsys.dk (remove the x)