Hi folks,

I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an alternative to clustering the
iPrint/NDPS print manager that provides a high level of availability.

We currently have our iPrint/NDPS print manager on a two-node cluster,
but software faults have caused node abends twice in the last two
weeks, taking out the whole cluster (when the resource migrates to the
other node). This has made my customers here in the school very unhappy.

Are there any alternatives to clustering which provide similar levels
of redundancy and enable us to take advantage of the benefits of
iPrint on the client side (i.e. push out by ZENworks policy, install
ad-hoc printers via a web page, etc.)?

At the moment, the best i can come up with is a second print manager,
and a second queue in NDS for every printer, maintained manually, and
installed manually via the iPrint web page when required. This
doesn't sound like a good solution to me. ;-)

Paul Gear, Manager IT Operations, Redlands College
38 Anson Road, Wellington Point 4160, Australia
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