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Primer: We've moved from static IP's to DHCP/DNS printer devices. All
works well with this arrangement.

Our company uses subdomain.domain.com for all hosts (including the
Netware 6.0 sp5 server in question), except for
subdomain-dhcp.subdomain.domain.com for dhcp devices.

TID 10060969 outlines the exact functionality that we need for iPrint to
work to print to DHCP/DNS ports in our environment.

The TID mentioned above puts the fear of God in an administrator NOT to
add multiple search domains. Why would this NOT work in Netware 6.0?

The author of the TID said it won't work in versions later than Netware
5.0. However, at the top of the TID, Netware 5.x is part of the "fact"
area of the TID. So it will work in Netware 5.1? Was it ever tried on
a Netware 6.0/6.5 server? A bit confusing!