I'm having an issue with an HP Laserjet 4M Plus attached to a
Jetdirect 170X.

Since installing NPDS/IPrint (NW6SP5) I've had nothing but problems
trying to get some of the old printers to work as NDPS printers.
After creating the NDPS object for the printer, printing wouldn't work
all the time. Sometimes it would be fine and other times I would get
an error in explorer.exe related to the msvcrt.dll.

So, after doing some digging, I've narrowed it down to the HP drivers
I added to the broker. There's a TID (I don't have the number handy,
sorry) suggesting that the drivers from HP don't jive with NDPS.
Novell then suggests removing the HP driver from the broker and then
adding the XP driver from a workstation.

I've removed the HP drivers I added to the broker and then tried to
add the XP drivers for the same printer as the TID suggested. The
issue I'm having right now is with trying to add the XP drivers from a
workstation to the broker...it just won't work.

I've tried using iManager and everything looks like it's working, it
even shows the new driver added to the bottom of the list of drivers
available. But, as soon as I click OK and then click Manage Printer
to change to the new driver, it isn't there. No error (unlike a lot
of the posts I've already gone over) or anything like that.
Everything appears to have worked correctly, but the driver just isn't
there. So, I go back into the broker to check for the new driver and
sure enough, it's not there. So, I add it again, it shows up in the
list, I click Apply this time and it's still appears to be there, then
click OK and then head back into the broker only to be disappointed
again...no driver and no error.

I've also tried adding the driver via NWAdmin and the same result
occurs...looks like it has been added but when I check back
afterwards, there is nothing there. Again, no errors.

Now, I've managed to work around the issue for now by creating a
printer and not associating a driver to it so that when I install the
printer on a workstation it prompts me to install one myself, but that
doesn't help me out if I want to push out printers to less savy
users...you know??

Anybody have any ideas??

John Hunter
Elk Island Catholic Schools