We're in the process of testing iPrint for full roll-out but are plagued by
a problem relating to the iPrint/Apache setup.
We're on NW6.5 SP2. I've setup a Virtual Host within Apache on the
NDPS/iPrint server and created a hostname of 'iPrint' within dns so that
when a browser is told to go to iprint.ourco.uk the url resolves to the
server ip address but is intercepted by Apache which then servers out an
index.html that gives access to the iPrint printers list.

However - we also use Bordermanager 3.7 as a proxy, with http authentication
enabled so that even without the Bordermanager red key running on your pc
you can still authenticate through to Bordermanager.

What we're finding is that Internet Explorer 5 on NT4 workstations seems to
interpret Virtual Hostnames as not being local, and thus invokes the
Bordermanager login screen instead of taking you straight to the iPrint
pages. This happens regardless of the fact that the IE5 proxy config is told
to "Bypass proxy for local addresses" and the virtual host url is added to
the exceptions list. This does not seem to happen on XP machines.
Non-Netware local devices with web-access like Intel printservers which are
also on the local network do not summon Bordermanager.

So is there anything known about this behaviour in IE5? Or what could make
IE5/NT decide the virtual hostname is not local?


Steve Law