We have an HP 2800 large format printer with a Fiery X2 raster server. We
cant get anything to print from iPrint or a straight LPR from a windoze
2000 workstation. The printer agent has been configured correctly
using 'print' rather than 'passthrough'. Prints get through to the NDPS
manager ok bu just get stuck in the queue. Eventually the status goes to
LPR Error. I've done a trace with pktscan and can see communication bt no
obvious error msg in the trace. Anyone got any experience of printing to
these devices and can make any suggestions?

PS I looked at 10093358. This wins the award for the worst written TID of
all time in my book. I have implemented what it says - though I don't
think it applies as the printer agent is configured using an IP address
rather than a URL requiring address resolution.

Any pointers greatfully received