Just spent hours tearing my hair out about why the short printer name
setting in iprint.ini wasn't working, then fixed it.

Found I was getting errors in sys:\apache2\logs\startuperr.log every time I
restarted Apache:
"NameVirtualHost xx.xx.xx.xx:00 has no Virtual Hosts"

Turns out my VirtualHost config wasn't correct in
sys:\apache2\conf\httpd.conf. I had TWO "NameVirtualHost xx.xx.xx.xx" lines
when I only needed one. Each Virtual Host section beginning "<VirtualHost
xx.xx.xx.xx>" was preceded by a 'NameVirtualHost' line, whereas you only
need one 'NameVirtualHost' line placed immediately before the first
'<VirtualHost xx.xx.xx.xx>' section.

Restarted Apache after changing that, no more log file errors and short
printer name working. Hope this saves someone some time....

Steve Law