We have been running Printer Driver Profiles (NW6.5 sp2 enhancement)
for a few months and they work great on our HPs and the other printers
we have except for one.

It is a Konica C350 which is a combined copier/printer etc.

The problem is in iManager when we try to set the "Device Options" e.g
Duplexer, hard disk option etc. The profile gets created fine when we
just take the default options (which defeats the prurpose really) but
whenever we try to add the "duplexer" or anything else in Device
Options the Dialog hangs and it kills the Printing on the host PC
requiring a restart to get the printing back.

Usually the dialogs just hangs and ends up "not responding" but
occasionally we get a Novell iPrint error saying "The remote procedure
call failed" error code: 1726"

I'm thinking it is a "driver issue" but Minolta Konica are not helping
much and won't submit a request to HO until we can be more definitive
in the problem.

We have tried the latest iPrint Client V4.05 and Netware Client 4.91
with no difference. Also different iManager's (all 2.02) on different
servers make no difference. The server is Running nw6.5 sp2

Any ideas on a workaround (like editing the profile outside iManager)
or advice on how to troubleshoot appreciated? I don't want to go to
Printer Properties Pro when Novell has the native functionality now

Sounds Mickey Mouse but the machines have the potential to save us a
lot of money if we can get them going properly.