Despite my previous post proclaiming my fix for the iPrint shortprintername
and virtual hosts, I'm still having problems with getting short printer name
working. It sometimes seems to work, sometimes not. Having got it working on
Friday I decided to change "iprint" to "iPrint" and restarted ndpsm, broker
and apache, but now printers are back to installing with the full ipp url.
Found it wasn't working this morning and changed shortprintername back to
"iprint" but no change - still full ipp url.
I'm no longer seeing errors with virtual host or anything else in the Apache
logs. Just seems to start and stop working when it likes.

Is there a debug mode? How should I troubleshoot this? See
sys:\apache2\htdocs\ippdocs\iprint.ini below.


Steve Law

************************************************** **************

[Novell] ;Do not modify this section
NovellWinVersion = 39 ;This is set by Novell, Inc.

AllowAutoUpdate = 0 ;Get newer iPrint client from Server?

;0 = Don't automatically update client.
;1 = Update client at boot time, prompt user.
;2 = Update client at boot time, don't prompt

ShortInstallName = Tommy ;Installed Printer Name Profile

;This option is used only on NT4/2000/XP/2003
and later.
;The option lets you display a shorter
;installed printer name in the applications
print dialog
;so that users can see the useful part of
;the printer name. Currently installed
;will not be effected. Only printers installed
;after the change will reflect the shorter
;DEFAULT = The installed name on client will
; follow the full UNC/URL format:
; \\ipp://\pa_name
;YOURNAME = This is any name you want to show
; for the installed printer's UNC server
; Use only lower ASCII characters:
; DO NOT USE slash, quote, space, or
; The new installed printer name format is:
; \\YOURNAME\pa_name

AllowUserPrinters = 2 ;Printer Installation Profile

;Terminal/Citrix Server clients
; These settings will be ignored!
; Instead, you must configure this on the
; Terminal/Citrix server (must have rights
; to see the tab and administer it).
; Start->Programs->Novell iPrint->iPrint
Client Settings
;Windows clients
;This will only be acknowledged on
NT4/2000/XP/2003 and later.
;0 = Follow Windows standards and only allow
; users with sufficient rights to install
; the printer to the desktop. This allows
; ALL USERS to see/use this printer. In
; essence this will be a GLOBAL OR
;1 = If current user doesn't have rights to
; a WORKSTATION PRINTER, automatically add
; the printer so that ONLY THIS USER can
; Add/View/Modify/Delete this printer. In
; essence this will be a PRIVATE OR USER
;2 = Only add USER PRINTERS. No rights
; All users (including Administrator or
power user) that
; add a printer will be adding a printer
; that only they can