I'm testing a linux open enterprise server in order to show it to some
clients and have a problem with Iprinter. I use iManager on a Firefox 1.0.2
navegator and when i try to create a driver store, i have the next error:

Authorization required
IPP Error: 0xF0191
HTTP Error: 401

First there is a question asking about to accept the CA that i've already
created in installation time. And when i accept the certificate and i try
once again it shows the error above

I looked for the Apache 2.0 directory that is not on /etc/httpd as usual
but on /etc/opt/novell/httpd. Really i not sure which one of all the files
have the current configuration. There are a ssl in a iprinter directory and
another in httpd. I think that here are some problems of authentication.
┐Anybody knows if the stament SSLREquired can be disabled?

Also i thought that it could be a problem of permission but admin account
is active on Linux Uer Module. Checking /etc/passwd, there are 2 internal
novell account that i think are usufull for conection between Edirectory
User and linux User. ┐It wolud be possible some kind of problems there?

I would be very pleased for your help.┐Any ideas?.

Thanks in advanced