Netware 6.5 sp2 server running iPrint. Printer object printing to an EFI
Splash server (mac based print server) via TCP/IP. Netware server is
connected to the main switch via a 1G NIC running full duplex. Splash server
connects to network using a 100Mbit NIC running Full Duplex.

Workstations run latest Netware client software. Printers are installed
locally; that is, iprint client not installed on local workstations.

Just watching Broker feed jobs from the Netware server to the printer object
for the Splash server and it appears to be sending the data (from a JPG
file) in 32k chunks.

This seems slow to me.

Any suggestions as to how I might go about either 1) increasing the "chunk"
size for the print jobs or 2) increasing the throughput rate in general?

I forward to your suggestions.