Im testing OES on linux. I think that in general terms has a lot of good
ideas that bring fresh air to linux. Ive realized that firefox 1.02
doesnt work properly because the imanager plug ins.

So im using "Explorer 6.0". Ive configured Roles in iManager, but when
im trying to create a driver store i got this error.

Authorization Required
IPP Error: 0xF0191
HTTP Error: 401

I tried to give more permission to admin account, deploying new trustees.
I tried to disable Ldap with TLS authentication and check the Server
certificate to connect vi IP no DNS. I know that iprint ssl configuration
file is on /etc/opt/novell/iprint and is called ssl-iprint.conf, i think...
I tried to coment everything about SSL authentication, but its all the

Can anybody helpme?

Bitte, ich glaube dass in Deutschland viele gute linux gurus konnten mir
ein bisschen helfen. Wissen sie wie ist diese authenticazion zwischen
Apache und Iprint? . Vielen Dank.

Thanks in advanced.

Miguel Blanco. Spain.