We have :
- Site A (main site) : NW65 Servers + iPrint + Terminal Server Windows2003
- Site B : 4 printers + 30 users over a 256k WAN link using TS from site A
(no servers here).

When the users from site B print, in Site A the TS send the job to iPrint,
and iPrint send the job to the printer in Site B over a 256k WAN link .

If it's a 10MB Word file, it takes 4+ minutes to start the printing!

Does iPrint support compression or something specific to print over a WAN
(slow) link?
Or if I install an iPrint server in Site B, is there an way in iPrint Client
(TS-Site A) to compress the job and the iPrint server (Site B) decompress
and send to the printer ?