Hi All,

Trying to add Win XP printer drivers to an already created printer object. I
am using iManager 2.02 on a NW 6.5 sp3 server. I am running iManager in
Internet Explorer 6.0. When I try to add the driver from file, I am able to
select the proper .inf file, but nothing happens. If I try to add the driver
from system, it looks like it goes through the motions of copying files then
stops with the following error:

Winsock10061 - The remote party has refused your connection

When I check the ipp error log on the PC, I find the following entry:

4/21/2005 - 1:34:50 PM
Module: iexplore.exe
Trace Info: mytcp.c, line 272, thread 00000B40
Routine: Failed to connect (10061)
Error: Winsock 10061 - The remote party has refused your connection.

This is not the 401 errors that seem so common and that has no fix as of
yet, so I am hoping that somebody out there knows a fix.

Michael E. Fenyes
Network Administrator
County of Riverside