We have been using NDPS and iPrint for a while without any problem.
Now after SP3, some report aboute printing that doesnt come out or printer
stop working. Now i got a call from one user that onle few pages come out
and the printer stop/hung.
In status it says PRINTING but nothing happens.

I restartet NDPSM and deletet all in queue and now it prints again.

I searched in TID and found out that there is some problem with Hyper
Treading and our server is a multiprosessor server with 2xP3 1GHz. Is this
the same as HT?
It has been working, so if it start to be a problem now, then its
something wrong with SP3.

Any ide!?
The printer is a OKI 4300 w/LAN

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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