I am experiencing Winsock errors when trying to install a printer via iprint v4.05 on a W2k3 terminal server with sp1:

Winsock 10060 - Connection has timed out (without proxy setting set on iPrint client)
Winsock 10049 - Address is not available (with proxy setting set on iPrint client)

NDPS / iPrint is installed on NW65 sp3 on same network as the terminal server.
Error occurs when logged in with local Administrator priviledges to the terminal server, and also
when the iPrint client "install User Printers only" option is set on the terminal server.

With Windows 2003 without sp1, the printer installs as normal.

I have not installed the firewall (SCW etc) when upgrading from W2k3 to W2k3 sp1.

DNS resolves all names OK. I am also able to install iPrint printers OK to other workstations from this
iPrint server.

The only reference to this problem I have found is "Windows Server 2003 sp1 issues, number 157
from tokeshi.com:


Has anybody else seen this? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!