We are currently migrating over 700 users from a Netware 5 tree into a
Netware 6.5 clustered environment.

We would like to deploy iPrint printers, along with drivers and profiles
to their workstations, but it appears that the only way of doing this is
by using a workstation policy.

Does anyone know of any alternatives, as creating a different workstation
policy for each group of the 150 or so printers, and then associating the
correct workstations to it seems very time consuming.

I've had a quick look at Centralis PrintHere, but this too looks like it
will involve a lot of work/maintainance.

If there are no alternatives, is there a way of making a workstation a
member of a workstation policy when it is imported. I know you can make a
workstation a member of a WS group on import, but this won't really help.

Thanks very much