Just installed iprint on nw6.5sp2 with sp2 overlay prod cd. I didn't get prompted to restart, so didn't.

When I go to my iManager server, which is also my ndps manager and iprint server (that I just installed on), I cannot enable iprint support. It says, could not find libraries for com.novell.service.ndps.emframestartup. I read one tid (or post) which said you need to use the imanager on the server with iprint, which I am doing.

I also get this same message when i go into the resource management service tab of the broker section = the error itself is "exception reading resource banners configuration" with the same "could not find libraries....." message.

It might help someone else to know that I had to unload the ndps broker on the server and nwadmin on all workstations to get iprint to install. Took a while to figure out which components were standing in the way of it, but I finally did. Hopefully it will be of help to someone else.
oidmsg.idx message means to shut down the broker
dpcomn32.dll error can be fixed by closing all open sessions of nwadmin. (at least it worked for me.)