Hopefully someone can help me with this one. We are running 6.5 with Win 98
workstations. I successfully installed a dot matrix printer to a
workstation, but when I try to install an HP 2100 laser printer I get the
following message:
Error Message:iPrint driver install-Unknown installation error (1223)
Error Group: iPrint driver install error code 1223

Before trying to install the printer, I copied the necessary files from the
HP CD to the workstation and then installed the driver in iPrint using the
"system" option. I was logged in as Admin while doing this. But when I then
go to install the printer itself I get the error above.

Both of the printers are connected to a print servewr. The dot matrix is
connected to a Jet Direct 170x and the HP is connected to an older Jet
Direct Ex Plus. Thanks for any help.