I have a iPrint server that is having a memory usage issue. WS_32.NLM,
(Netware Winsock 2.0 NLM Version 6.21.06, Jun 15, 2004) takes up the normal
amount of memory at boot, but them slowly uses more and more memory. The
server is NW 6.0 sp5, PIII 500, 1GB ram. It's only function is iPrint, it
runs a Broker and a Manager. The Manager has 178 printers it services. All
printers are configured to use the Novell Gateway. IPP is enabled for all
the printers. DNS is used for IPP (ipp://printing.myorg.com). The problem
was there prior to sp5 being installed. I've found some older TIDs that
refer to this issue. They all state the fault would have been fixed by
versions of the nlm currently in use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.