I am using NW6.5 sp3 with NDPS. My workstations are Win2k sp4 with all
security updates. They are on the 4.9 sp1 and 4.9 sp2 NetWare Clients
(with NDPS installed from there). My problem is this:

Whenever a client prints a decent (over 20) amount of pages in a single
document (usually through IE via citrix web client or PDF) our HP Laserjet
9000 gets a 40 EIO BAD Tranmission error. If I print directly to the
printers using HP Standard IP Port, it prints fine. If I print through an
NDPS Printer, I get that error at about 3/5 of the document (say page 15
out of 20, or page 23 out of 40). It'll idle up for a second, and then
start to print another few pages of the document, and then stop completely.

I have two identical 9000s that are right next to each other. One has the
problem and the other one doesn't. They are both on the same NDPS Manager
in the same OU, using the same Broker. I have swapped out jetdirects and
it does follow that specific card (bound to that specific IP address). I
have also switched the drivers, updated the Printer/Jetdirect fimware (on
every printer on the LAN). I'm thinking it may be the Printer Agent
itself, or that specific Gateway.

Has anyone ran accross that problem before, and what did you do about it?
We have about 6 9000s and it is happening on two of them. Kind of
irriting considering it is the accounting staff having the issue.

Dwayne Sarden