Does anyone know the secret to making the hp status panel on LaserJet
display the username and document title of what's currently printing? I
know it's possible as I've heard 4000, 4050, 4100, 4200, 4500, 4600, &
5100's are all capable of this. I can make out 4000's & 4050's do this with
a specific driver I found for the mac *.ppd file. I think it's somewhere in
the *.ppd file as when I use the 4050 ppd on the 4050, it doesn't work -
when I use the 4000 ppd on the 4050, it does work (tested on the same iPrint
priner agent). I can't find much difference in the contents of the ppd files
themselves - they have different printer language versions, however.

I'm going to post in hp's forums as well - but was just curious if anyone
here had this working. The display shows the same contents of what's stored
in iPrint's audit logs.

Josh Messerschmitt
Certified Novell Engineer