On the client side, I have no problem configuring and using a secure IPP
printer under WinXP. I can’t seem to make it work under iMac OS X 10.3.

To add printer in Windows XP (note: no need to install iPrint client), I
do the following:
1) Open “Printers and Faxes”
2) Click Next
3) Click “Add printer”
4) Select “Network Printer”, Click Next
5) Populate URL with typically https://dnsname/ipps/printername, click
6) Windows prompts for username and password, select “use specified user
info” and insert username and password
7) Select driver…..etc

My problem is with the MAC OS X 10.3.

Initial problem:
1) Start “Printer Setup Utility”
2) Click “Add”
3) Select “IP Printing”
4) There is no selection for IPP via HTTPS.

I found a fix (I thought) that will allow me to add a secure IPP printer
that seemed to resolve the above problem, but not the overall problem.
This is what I did:

1) Start terminal
2) sudo –s (this gives me root access)
3) cd /usr/libexec/cups/backend
4) ln –s ipp https
5) Exit terminal
6) reboot
7) Start “Printer Setup Utility”
8) While holding down option key, click “Add”
9) Click drop down and select “Advanced”
10) Select device “Internet Printing Protocol (https)”
11) Populate device name
12) Populate URL
13) Select printer model
14) Click Add

Although it seems like it should have worked, I still can’t print to
secure IPP printers.

I feel that the above should work and that there is something missing.

Any help would be appreciated.