I have this problem that all policy-installed NDPS-printers show offline
at workstation after reboot. While they show offline they print just
fine, but I seem to also have problems changing default paper size at
those printers and I think this problem is related to this offline-status.

Printers work just fine except in one place: If you go to printer
properties, choose advanced tab and try to change printing defaults you
get report: "Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be

Using NW6.5 (two-node cluster), Zen 4.01 IR5, Client 4.91 with Win2kSP4
and WinXPSP2 workstations.

Any ideas what causes this? I have searched net and found out that I'm
not the only one, but I have not seen any solutions to this problem. It
might not even be netware problem (one person had this same problem with
printui -script installed printers).

Timo Pietilš