Hi all.

I apologize if something like this has been asked before - i haven't been
able to locate anything similar.

Still running a NW51 shop (only rolling SP7 out now... politics... gotta
love 'em...), with eDir8.7.3.0 and iPrint 1.0 for NetWare 5.1 (latest
iPrint 1.0 patches applied), and a mix of3.1x and 4.0x iPrint clients. In
the remote sites, iPrint is working great. We have the iPrint servers
loading with DNS aliases (i.e. server fc0-275 is resolving to
iprint-srv.MyDomain.com). But here centrally, it ain't working... We can
browse to http://iPrint.MyDomain.cmo/ipp and bring up the web page no
problem - except the list of ipp-enabled printers is empty. At this time,
ipps is not being used, andwe've verified a few times that the printers are
associated with the broker, and that they are ipp-enabled. I know the
pdisplay.htm file is dynamically built. My question is: is it possible that
one of teh other modules is damaged / corrupt, causing teh pdisplay to not
properly be built, and if so, which file(s) should I be looking at?