GRRR ....

this should not be this hard, I think: 2 weeks ago, after installing 2 new
server (OES-Netware) I struggled to add winxp printer drivers to the RMS
service. I could use the "add from system" capability, but any attempt to
use the "from file" process failed. I had to revert to win2k drivers and
using nwadmin32 ... which SUCKs because then I can't do print driver
profiles for my xp machines.

Now, another site, another new server ... same dang thing! At both places I
had to add the uniqueID value to my user account (which means all users
will need that for iprint, as well .... another grrr) but the "from file"
functionality just does not work.

I can browse to the driver location, pick the inf file, it shows me what
printer drivers would be added, but then .... it never shows the file copy
process and the drivers are never added. It just sits there. How can I fix
this so that my users have access to xp certified drivers and so that I can
configure profile containing the appropriate printer config?