I tried to modify my existing Printer Driver Profiles today and received the
winsock error 10061 'The remote party has refused your connection'. I can
upload drivers into the broker and do everything else normally. I'm running
nw65sp3 - I've upgraded my iPrint plugin to support linux and macintosh. I
tried this from an xp and 2000 box, same results - iPrint versions 3.11 &
4.05, client versions 4.90sp2 and 4.91. iManager is not running on my
iPrint box as iPrint is a cluster resource, iManager is not. I wouldn't
need to modify my driver profile if my counterpart hadn't updated the driver
it was associated to - now I'm hosed until this is resolved.

I did try using the IP address to access iManager vs. the DNS name, but had
the same results. I also tried disabling the local machines proxy config,
just in case it was causing the problem - but, had no luck.

Any ideas?
Josh Messerschmitt
Certified Novell Engineer