Got a new iPrint server running after my old one tanked. Previously used
nw652 and iprint client311. Now using nw653 and client405. My users have
upgraded their old iPrint clients to 4.05. When users try to install
secure printers with the new client a dialog box appears indicating the
authentication failed and asks if the user would like to try again.
Clicking YES simply brings the same dialog box up again. It will only
disappear if you choose no, which indicates 401 authentication error.
Things I've checked: UIDs match CNs, no duplicate CNs, modifying
AuthLDAPURL in ipp.conf does nothing, LDAP proxy user doesn't resolve
this. Haven't done a DSTRACE yet.

Work around: removing the new iPrint client and installing the old 311
client allows the installation of secure printers. It accepts user
credentials when users are prompted and works fine, even if users upgrade
back up to iPrint client405. Delete the printer, and same failed
authentication problem occurs.

It's a stupid work-around for quantities of users. Anyone seen this yet?