This is a concept question from someone long used to queues and not

When a client sends a job to a printer in queue-based printing, the
print job is sent to the print server which stores the job in a queue.
The print server de-spools the job to the printer when the printer
becomes available (if it was off-line). Thus, there is a total
disconnect between the client and the printer.

When a client sends a job to a printer using iPrint, what path does
the job take? Does the client spool the job locally and contact the
NDPS printer directly, or does it get spooled somewhere on the
network? If the print manager server serving an iPrint printer is down
or otherwise unavailable, can a different print manager server tell
the iPrint client how to communicate with the printer and act as the

In other words, in a large network with multiple print managers at
different locations serving their local printers, which parts can be
down and still allow the client to successfully print?