Im trying to upload a ppd file to the broker on a Netware 6.5SP3 server.

I have uploaded other ppd files - but this one fails.
I have attached the file in question - LOPS1855.PPD

When I try to upload it gives me no error - and it seems to be ok. Its on
the list - until I press Apply. Then the driver name disappears from the

The ppd files is retrieved from a Linux server (NLD - from OpenOffice).

I need that file since that is the only driver that supports selecting

It works just fine if I create a normal cups printer and select the ppd
So the ppd file should be ok - but iPrint will not accept the ppd file. How
do I troubleshoot that?

Is there a log file for that upload somewhere or can I enable some kind of

Please help.

Best regards

Tue Noergaard