install iprint on a nw65 server using sp2 overlay cds as part of the
server installation.
installed sp3 when it came out (not upgrading server)
iprint = 4.05

setup broker, setup print manager
load broker, load print manager, no problems.

create printer - get this error:

Error: Create Printer Failure
Print Manager NSIDE_PRINT_MANAGER.NSIDE.BCSC1 is not loaded.
It must be loaded to create a new Printer Agent.
Select the Manage Print Manager task to load.

i have 14 other servers, 13 of which were setup the exact same way,
that iprint is working just fine on.

I have uninstall iprint on this server, then resintalled it with
nw65sp3 overlay cds.
deleted and recreated both the broker and print manager.
loading the print manager from imanager, it still states the status
as being down. if I click the startup button, it states that one is
already loaded on the server, which it is.

any thoughts?-