Howdy All.
We have a bit of an issue with our iPrint and iManagers.
We just extended our schema and installed our first OES Linux Server. This server was/is replacing our current NW6.5sp2 iPrinter server. We added about 25-30 oe so printers in that we had on the NW6.5 server and all of them work great. We can use the iManager on that server to see and manage them all. We then brought up another server but this time running OES Netware. Then we consolidated all our file stores from the NW6.5sp2 file server we had onto this one. That went fine. Now, here's the issue at hand:
When we open up iManager on the OES Netware server, we can not see the iPrint objects that were created on the OES Linux server. We then created some iPrint objects for about 5 or so more printers using the iManager on the OES Netware server, and they work fine, but when we try and view them from the iManager on the OES Linux server, we can not see them that way either. Is there something we missed on installs of either or both of these servers? Isn;t iManager, iManager no matter the OS? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Matthew Pierce
Microcomputer Specialist
Texas A&M University
Office of the Vice President for Research