There are a number of users in the forums that experience iPrint
related abends on NW6.5 SP3, and so far, these abends seem to resist
resulotion. However it now appears that these abends are specifically
related to non English environments.

We need people that meet *all* the following conditions:

- NetWare 6.5 SP3 / OES server
- Page fault exception in DPLSV386.NLM in a process owned by Apache2
- IPPSRVR.NLM does *not* occur in the stack trace for the abend
- non English environment. While the server may be installed in
English, the workstation use a regional setting with a language other
than English.

If you don't meet all of these conditions, please don't post in this
thread. We don't want to clutter this thread with unrelated issues.

If however you meet these conditions, we want to know if you are able
to provide a core dump for this abend and have the bandwidth to upload
it in a reasonable time. In this particular case, Novell is willing to
accept a core dump without opening an incident.
For more information on generating core dumps, see:

If you are not able to provide a core dump you can still help if you
happen to know a specific series of actions that can reliably trigger
the abend.

Marcel Cox (using XanaNews