Since applying NW6.5 SP3 we can no longer add print drivers using IManager.
The error "HTTP: Not Authorised" pops up.
I need to add XP drivers

TID10097177 addresses the problem.

It admits that SP3 has broken the adding of drivers.

It has a series of possible workarounds, none of which have worked for us.
At least, I have started at the top of the list and begun to work my way
down the points.
After wasting a great deal of time, and faced with increasing complexity as
the process progressed, I am left frustrated.

I see other postings on the same topic are begining to pop up, so the
environment I have is not so much the culperit, but rather SP3 includes some
sloppy work or lack of testing.

This issue needs a robust fix - not a raft of gobbledegook.

Geoff Taylor BSc Dip Ed