I am getting random incomplete printing on all HP network printers. Some
computers are Win98 and some are WinXP (SP1 and SP2). Some computers are
printing via NDPS and others via iPrint, but the outcome is the same. The
printers I have noticed it on are HP Laserjet 2300, HP Laserjet 1100, HP
Laserjet 6P, Laserjet 5L, HP Deskjet 1220C, and HP Business Inkjet
1100N. All printers except the Business Inkjet are using JetDirect Print
Server 170x.
Also, it does matter if the document is 6 pages or 50 pages. If it is 6
pages, it might print 3 of the 6 pages, then print half of the 4th page
and then not print the rest. If it is 50 pages, it might print the first
42 and not the last 8. It is very odd. I have 3 servers, which I
upgraded from 6.0 to 6.5 and then installed NW65SP3. All printers were
working correctly before the update. I have tried downloading the latest
drivers for the Laserjet 1100 and Laserjet 2300 and loading them in the
Resource Manager but it doesn't correct the problem.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, for the person who
was thinking about removing NW65SP3 to correct this issue, this may not
work because I had one server that did not have the support pack for 1
week and the printers on that server had the same problem.