I have just installed IPrint for our network. We are a Novell shop using NW
6.5sp2 as our main server Os. I have 2 questions. Currently Iprint is on one
of our servers with a private Ip address. So users can go to the private
address while at work and see all the printers to choose from. Ex.
xx.xx.xx.xx/ipp. We now want the capability to allow these end users the
ability to print from home to a specific printer at work. Is it as simple as
just giving the server a public address and letting people access the iprint
page using that? I realize they would have to install the iprint agent at
home but that should be done for them when they go to the page. Question 2,
I also use ndps printing to associate a printer with a user to auto. get
drivers when they login. Is there a way to install the printer once without
having to go in and delete the association from the user? Thanks