Hi Novellies,

is there a way to generate a customized Page which is automatically listing
the actual Printeragents of a specific Printmanager?
I have a customer which is running 600 Printer Agents on one Printmanager
and he would like to have a Webpage which is showing the Printeragents
depending upon their Description-Fields. Can i use the iprint.js script to
do something like that? I'm no web developer so any hints are useful to me.
I think that i need to know how to ask a printmanager for its active
Printeragents and then dealing with the answer. Am i right or is there
another, simpler way.
Customized webpages which needs to get updated every time a new printer
agent is created are NOT what the customer wants.

Kind regards and thank you very much in advance
Manfred Lapp-Friedrichs