I was having the usual unable to upload driver problem in OES netware
when I started thinking about the error messages I found in my apache log.

[Mon Jun 06 08:24:46 2005] [debug] mod_auth_ldap.c(308): [client] [19] auth_ldap authenticate: using URL
[Mon Jun 06 08:25:46 2005] [warn] [client] [19] auth_ldap
authenticate: user Admin authentication failed; URI /ipps/IppSrvr [LDAP:
ldap_simple_bind_s() failed][Can't contact LDAP server]

So I started looking at all the issues related to the ldap
authentication process. A couple of things I did made the difference,

1) I changed the sys:\apache2\iprint\ipp.conf to use localhost instead
of the distinguished name of the the server

2) I looked closely at my certificates. This server had been installed
as th_la, I had changed the host name and hosts file to be thla but the
ssl certificateDNS still had the underscore in it. After I ran pkidiag
and updated the certificate I was able to upload drivers.