Sorry if this is long winded & rambling but we have tighter controls than
most seem to and it often causes more headaches than its worth from my end
at setup/configuration time...

We're running iPrint on nw6.5 sp3. Our helpdesk staff needs to be able to
manage print jobs (through the "Printer Health Monitor" is the only way I
can determine to do this). They are not to be managing either the Print
Managers or the Print Brokers.

BUT here's the snag: I can't get the options listed below unless the
HelpDesk staff have supervisory access to the [Entry Rights] of the Print
Manager. This is outside of our policy here. The iPrint docs seem to
indicate that the "Message from Admin" should be available to everyone but
I can't get any of these items to show on the health monitor page unless I
grant excess rights.

these are the options I need to have available to the HelpDesk staff.

Job List Shutdown/Startup History Message from Admin
Configuration Options

Any ideas?