We have switch out our Fleet of HP Laserjets to Canon Imagerunners Model
#'s 2270, 3570, 6570, 5800 and our having a series of probelms. We are
working with Canon techs but they're not that Netware savy. Some of you
must have expeirence in setting this up..and was wondering if I can tap
your expertise. Here's our 1st Issue:

* NetWare 6.5.3
* Iprint 3.11
* Pushing out printers via Iprint policy based on workstation #

Setup Issue
Couldn't get all of the features to show up in the driver. Our work
around was to setup the printer as a normal NDPS printer in NWADMIN, then
using canon setup tool install the printer on the workstation. Choose get
device status which would populate all of the features. The features
settings are located in the registry. We then exported the registed and
created a nal object for this with the requirement that the key must exist
already...because you can't have the setting their when the printer
installs. So when a users logins in the first time, the iprint policy
installs the printer, then when nal is run again the registry is update
with all of the features. Is there a better way of doing this? I think
we could install the PORT SETTINGS TOOL and the have the DIAS service
running and once the printer installs have the user do a Get device status
now in order to pick up the features, but don't have faith this would get
done. The canon tech advised us against using the Port tool and DIAS on
every box because of the increase in network traffic.

How have you set these up? Any other way. Thanks!