I set up iPrint on our Netware 6.5sp2 server months ago and configured a
number of printers. One of these printers is an HP4V. At the time I
installed drivers for XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 98 operating systems for
this printer and configured the printer object to install them as
appropriate when selected as part of the Add New Printer process.

Well, a problem came up with the HP4V drivers running under XP. Quite
simply, there is a problem with the driver itself that causes it to crash an
application if a multi-page document is printed. So, rather than have it
download automatically to new installations I modified the printer object
for this printer so that the driver under XP was None.

Having done this I unload and reloaded both NDPSM and BROKER.

Even though iManager indicates that no driver is to be installed for this
printer for an XP OS, if I take a brand new XP Pro machine, select Add New
Printer and select this HP4V printer object, fully intending to install the
driver from a diskette, what happens is that the driver, which I don't want
used, is automatically downloaded and installed from the server.

If I've specified that a printer object is not to have a driver installed,
why does iPrint (NDPS) still install the printer driver? Is this a bug in
either NDPS Broker v3.0.9 or NDPS Manager v3.01i?

P.S. Just deleted the HP 4V driver from the list of available drivers within
the broker object. Restarted both Manager and Broker. Tried another install
of this printer. NDPS is still downloading the HP4v driver from the server.

Suggestions? Comments?