I have recently installed Novell IPP printing and have had great success
printing from PC environments. The problem that I am having is when I
try to print from a MAC.

I am running IPrint on a Netware6.5 SP3 server. Using Internet
Explorer5.2 on a MAC OS X machine, I browse to the http://server:631/ipp
page. From this page, I can see the printers which have been
configured as well as the "Install IP Client" in the upper right corner.
When I click a printer, nothing happens....When I click on "Install
IPrint Client", it pulls the Nipp.exe and puts it on the desktop. I'm
wondering why it doesn't pull a nipp.dmg file. Is there a nipp.dmg
file? Should it be stored in sys:apache2/htdocs/ippdocs with the other
nipp*.exe's? I can't seem to locate anything that resembles a MAC
client when browsing the CD or anything.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Angel Howard