Hello everyone!

I have been reading the forums trying to get a grasp on iPrint and have
found some very helpful posts with alot of good info but here is my problem.

I have setup a printer and can print to it if I set the ACL to med and not
have the SSL/TLS checked. If I check the SSL/TSL or set the ACL to high and
try to install the printer it goes right to the "Printer Authentication
failed". I thought it would ask me to authenticate to the printer? I have
checked the users that I am testing with and they both have uniqueIDs set.

I guess what would really help is if I knew the flow the request takes once
a user clicks on the printer to install it.

On a side note,
I go take the "Course 3016" class next month which I am excited about :-)
but would really like to try and understand this beforehand.