Hi everyone

I've just added a new printer to our Netware box. This is the first time I
have used the iPrint facility to do this, so I hope you bear with me as I
describe the steps I went through, and my problem.

I've assigned the Printer Server that is connected to the Printer an IP

I setup the printer within iPrint, giving the same IP address as used above.

I added the drivers etc to the print manager in IPrint, and then added the
printer to the PC (WinXP) using the IPrint client.

If I print something to that printer from the PC, it sits in the queue, but
doesn't print.

NDPS shows the item in the queue, describes it's status as "printing".
Unfortunately, nothing else prints off and no error messages are visible.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

BTW, using the print server's remote admin package I can generate a test
print that gets printed out correctly, so everything must be working fine,
all the cables plugged in etc

Thanks for any support